"A testament to the value of a webseries as a medium"--Snobby Robot Transmedia Magazine

[Blank] My Life is a surreal, comedic web series that follows Susan, a female millennial, on her quest to find love and simultaneously not end her life.  Alex Spieth, a New York actor and writer, created this web series following a period of heartbreak, bad dates, and insecurity.  In Association with Third Space. Featured on wifey. tv and as an IndieWire Project of the Day.  Screened at Chain Film Festival, Brooklyn Webfest, IndieWorks.

Affiliated Artists:

Benjamin Viertel, Bryce Cutler, Kyle Wilson, Katherine Brook, Dylanger Bates, Asia Gagnon, Sam French, Brian Muller, Bart Cortright, Matt Leibowitz, Lio Sigerson, David Spadora, Steve Griggs, Chad Engel, Zoe Westbrook, Ariel Beach-Westmoreland, Ebony Hardin, Stephen Tonti, Adam Hagenbuch, Trevor McQueen


Adam Hagenbuch, Denver Milord, Katie Wieland, Amelia Leigh, Ernest Waddell, Lee Harrington, Dylan Wallach, Michelle Veintimilla, Grace Rao, Brian Morabito, Jacob Tischler, Monica Wyche, John Franklin Shepard, Michael McGuire, Phillipe Arroyo, Jacob Vine, David Spadora, Aidaa Peerzada, Nick Lehane, Ben Ruffman-Cohen, Donald Chang, Trevor McQueen, George Gerard, Jill Stern, Lucia Roderique, Stephen Tonti, Benjamin Viertel, Arya Shahi, Adam Berard, Casey Jordan, Emily Stout, Taylor Rose, Carol Linnea Johnson, Paul Albe, Jake Boyd, Mark Cabus, Michael Leadbetter, Miski Ali, Anna Andersen, Colton Pometta, Jacob Wilner, Ariel Beach-Westmoreland, Clayton Brown, Regina Strayhorn, Michael Frederic, Alex Spieth, Josh Gelb,